Star is a 3 year old 15 hand Quarter Horse mare. She was HIP #21 from the 4/1/15 Cranbury Auction. She arrived to OFER very sick with a facial wound that went straight through her nasal cavity, along with both staph and strep infections. Star was over 100 pounds underweight. She was also covered in cement like mud/manure inbedded into her skin. It took 3 days to soak it off of her without hurting her!

Star's "AFTER" photos... she is the sweetest girl, sound mind. calm demeanor, and thriving! Star has just been ADOPTED! Photo on left is when she arrived at her forever home 8/17/15. Photo on right was taken 5/12/15

Star's "BEFORE" photos taken at Cranbury, HIP #21 and the day after her arrival at OFER on 4/12/15.